What is an Independent Manufacturers Representative?

An Independent Manufacturers Representative is any individual or entity engaged primarily in the business of selling and/or distributing on behalf of others, with or without inventory, merchandise or manufactured products or services made available by others. The agency operating at its own financial risk and at its own expense, in connection with which such individual or entity is the authorized agent, exclusive or otherwise, of those who manufacture, produce, or supply, usually under contract of mutual agreement. The agent receives its compensation from its principal or principals chiefly on the basis of percentage commissions on volumes of business done, which agent shall maintain proper books of accounts and records incident to the conduct of such business.

Does Pacesetter sell direct to end-users?

We do not sell direct – ever! All of our sales are directed through Authorized Distributors of the specific Manufacturer unless some other agreement has been negotiated between the Manufacturer and the Distributor.

How did Pacesetter get started?

Pacesetter was started in 1992 when a number of Manufacturers did not have any representation in Canada and felt it necessary to move in the direction of using an Independent Representative to help them grow their sales yet maintain their sales costs at a consistent level.

What services can Pacesetter offer to us?

We have become experts at helping customers solve their problems. This might include things such as plant surveys, joint calls, product training sessions and demonstrations, market knowledge, application knowledge and Canadian standard and legislative knowledge.

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